How Virtual Gifts Works

Together we are finding long-term solutions to benefit people and nature.

All the gifts on this website are needed by the projects themselves, and will make a huge difference to WWF’s conservation work, both with these individual gifts and to our global conservation goals.

Because WWF is working with local communities, researchers and some of the foremost experts around the world, our staff are able to tell us what items they need to make the biggest difference with these symbolic gifts.

At WWF, we address global threats and work to protect endangered species and habitats in more than 100 countries.


Fun gifts that help WWF save the planet – perfect!

It’s easy.

When you buy a gift from you will be sent your certificate as an attachment  to the email that details your purchase. It's as simple as that!

The certificate(s)  will have bot both your name and the name of the person you bought the certificate for, so that, after they print it out, they can proudly display the gift that you chose for them. You could even print and frame it for them!

The gifts are priced in US Dollars but will converted to your local currency by your credit card issuer.


Why are these gifts only online?

Because WWF’s Virtual Gifts are only available online, WWF won’t mail you or the recipient anything in the post.

We’ll only send you an email with the certificate attached, which means you can always access it from your inbox. If it gets misplaced or damaged before you see your friend, simply print it out again. Or you can contact us ( and we can help you find a new PDF copy.

This easy and hassle-free approach means no additional shipping costs, and even better, no excess packaging or mailing... Not only does your money go further, because the automated system helps to lower administration costs, but the ecological impact of these gifts is way way smaller.


What if WWF raises more than is needed?

Our work seems never to be done so there are always work that we can't complete due to budget so your virtual gift will support our work in the world. 

Almost all of our projects are under-funded and in desperate need of support.


What do we get when we buy a Virtual Gift?

Each Virtual Gift  comes with a personalized certificate tailored to the gift you just bought, and signed by our Director General.

It is a PDF file that will be attached to your receipt from the Gift Shop. 

The certificate is a great conversation piece, and something to be proud of. The next time you see the person, don’t be surprised if you find the certificate on the wall in their office or on the fridge.


Will my money really fund the same gift I choose?

Our virtual gifts are symbolic donations towards activities that WWF does worldwide.  Almost all of our projects are under-funded and in desperate need of support.


What else is included in the price of my gift?

We include any related coordination costs that are directly related to research, training and equipment in the price of the gift.

We are also obliged to include the cost of producing and administering the Virtual Gifts program in the overall cost of these gifts.

WWF promises to make the best use of our supporters’ money by making the biggest possible difference to projects that need it most around the world. We have chosen gifts that are simple, yet vital to achieving conservation around the world.


What’s the most important gift to buy?

It doesn't matter as this money ensures that WWF is able to continue our work on a global scale to protect and preserve endangered wildlife and habitat and to combat growing international threats like global warming.