Help & FAQ

What is WWF's Virtual Gifts Program?

WWF offers a range of solutions for any gift-giving occasion through our virtual gifts which are symbolic donations towards activities that WWF does worldwide..

Know somebody who already has everything? Or someone who says they don't want anything for their birthday? Maybe this is the year to get your dad something other than a pair of socks this Christmas? Or maybe you're wondering what to get your girlfriend's mother for Chanukah.

Virtual Gifts make great wedding presents too.

Whatever the occasion, when you Plant a Tree, Buy Chilies, Dung and Engine Oil or Give a Tattoo to a Polar Bear, it'll put a smile on their face and yours.

Fun gifts that help WWF save the planet – perfect!


Why are Virtual Gifts only available online?

Because WWF's Virtual Gifts are only available online, WWF won't mail you or the recipient anything in the post. We'll email you a link to a PDF version of the certificate, which means you can always access it from your inbox. If it gets misplaced or damaged before you see your friend, simply print it out again.

This easy and hassle-free approach means no additional shipping costs, and even better, no excess packaging or mailing – Not only does your money go further, because the automated system helps to lower administration costs, but the ecological impact of these gifts is smaller.


How do the WWF Online Virtual Gifts work?

It's easy.

You buy a gift get a personalized certificate delivered to your email inbox along with your receipt. That's it!

The certificate's got both your name and theirs so that they'll remember the symbolic gift that you chose for them. You could even put it in a frame for them to display proudly.


What if WWF raises more than is needed?

Our work seems never to be done so there are always work that we can't complete due to budget so your virtual gift will support our work in the world.  

Almost all of our projects are under-funded and in desperate need of support.



Will my money really fund the same gift I choose?

Our virtual gifts are symbolic donations towards activities that WWF does worldwide..


If you don't mail cards or toys, what do we get when we buy a Virtual Gifts?

Each Virtual Gift comes with a personalized certificate tailored to the gift you just bought.

You can download and either print the PDF version of the certificate for the person, or send it to them via email so that they can print it themselves.

The certificate is a great conversation piece, and something to be proud of. The next time you see the person, don’t be surprised if you find the certificate on the wall in their office or on the fridge.


What else is included in the price of my gift?

We include any related coordination costs that are directly related to research, training and equipment in the price of the gift.

We are also obliged to include the cost of producing and administering the Virtual Gifts program in the overall cost of these gifts.

WWF promises to make the best use of our supporters’ money by making the biggest possible difference to projects that need it most around the world. We have chosen gifts that are simple, yet vital to achieving conservation around the world.


How do you choose the gifts that are sold and how do you price them?

WWF focuses on places and issues that are crucial to the long-term health of our planet and all life that is found on it. In doing this we have prioritized those areas around the world which represent globally outstanding examples of biodiversity. Within those areas we aim to ensure the long-term security of these very special places.

All the gifts have been identified as essential to individual projects. As well, because of WWF’s reach through our global network, many of these gifts can be  given again and again because we can use the learning or successes and transfer them to similar projects in other regions of the world.

We have also chosen gifts that help to communicate the reach and scope of WWF’s work. When you Send a Child to Nature Club in Madagascar, you are helping to save the island's species and habitats by working with communities to develop sustainable practices and ensure future generations will be able to appreciate the many wonders found only here.

Similarly, with Put a Cork in it! Plant a Tree, it means preserving the region’s biodiversity and habitat for rare species like the Iberian lynx and Imperial eagle, as well as supporting the livelihood and culture of local people.

Every gift you give through WWF goes directly to that project, but because these programs are so crucial to the bigger conservation picture, your gift really does mean so much more.

The pricing of gifts is based on the specific project, and what it costs our researchers to implement each individual gift in that project’s region. In some cases, the cost also includes the costs associated with delivering and maintaining the item or service.


How much do you spend on marketing and production of WWF’s Virtual Gifts?

In fact, we're hoping you'll do the marketing for us. Tell your friends that you'd like a Virtual Gifts, or send a link to to people who don't know what to get their friends and family.

We are constantly working to minimise the costs and maximise the amount going to our projects around the world. And because this all virtual, we are able to keep very low margins.

This need to keep margins low may also mean that you may find that our systems are less sophisticated than some other virtual gifts programs.


Can I find out more information about the individual animal/people/projects my gifts have funded?

There is usually additional information about the gift and how it relates to each individual project, as well as the bigger conservation picture when you click on the "read more" link underneath each gift option. If not, please feel to write to us

Unfortunately, as this would be too costly administratively and would mean that less money would be available to use where it is needed most.


What’s the most important gift to buy?

It doesn't matter as this money ensures that WWF is able to continue our work on a global scale to protect and preserve endangered wildlife and habitat and to combat growing international threats like global warming.


How can I buy Virtual Gifts?

Choose which gift you would like to buy and click the yellow Personalize button.

You can buy many different gifts for many different people during each transaction - they will all appear in your shopping bag on the site.

Each time you will be asked to complete the name and email of the recipient, as well as your own personal details, as you would like them to appear on the certificate.

Once you have verified that the information will appear on each certificate as you would like it to, you can click on the button that says, Add to Cart.

Next you will be transferred to your choice of either WorldPay’s or PayPal's secure pages to process your payment. You will be able to verify that the amount of your gift is correct and choose which credit card you will be using to pay for the gift.

It is only on these secure sites (WorldPay or PayPal) where you enter your credit card information. 

If the credit card holder’s details are different from the person’s name on the certificate, don’t forget to make that change!

Submit your payment and wait for the confirmation of the order. 

Once confirmed you will be taken back to our Virtual gift shop and should already see in your email inbox the certificate you purchased as a PDF attachment.


How quickly will I get my WWF Online Virtual Gifts once I order it?

Immediately! It will be attached to the email the minute your order is processed.


What if I want more than one of the same WWF Virtual Gift?

Easy. After ceating your first gift, choose to personalize the gift again and add that one to your cart. At the moment there is no limit to the amount of gifts you can put in your cart (though your email inbox may get pretty full of PDF files. 

If you have need of a large number of certificates, just get in touch using the XXL contact form.


I lost the certificate can you email it to me?

Don’t worry if you lose the certificate. Just send us an email to telling us Your name and the recipient's name and we can generate a new one for you.


How do I know if my order for a Virtual Gifts has gone through?

Once you have placed your order and submitted your credit card information via WorldPay or PayPal's secure ordering system, besides an on-screen confirmation, you should receive two immediate email confirmations (as long as you entered your email address correctly!).

The first email will be from WorldPay or PayPal and will confirm your credit card transaction.

The second message will be a thank you email from WWF. 


What should I do if I get an error message when I'm trying to order a Virtual Gifts?

If you receive an error message to say that your order has not been placed, then please try again, checking first to see whether you have received an email confirmation, which will mean that your order has gone through.

If you continue to experience problems, please email


Will WWF contact me or the people I buy gifts for if I buy a Virtual Gifts?

We will never contact the person you gave a gift to, unless they have already chosen to opt in to some of our online communications independent of this gift.

However we’d really like to share with you how much impact your gift is having, as well as keep you informed about WWF’s other projects and activities around the world.

This means we may send you an update on how the project you are supporting is doing, as well as news on WWF's other conservation work..

If, however, you do not wish to hear from us after that initial contact, simply let us know, How? In the first ever email that we send you, there will be an "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of it.

Your privacy is important to us. WWF will never share your name with any other organization.