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Because an Arctic without polar bears is unimaginable... we need your help.

Polar bears, the charismatic icon of the Arctic environment, have long been a focus in WWF's on-the-ground research and conservation efforts, going back to 1972. The world of these iconic animals is changing fast and in order to help protect them we're working with communities and learning more about them through innovative research.

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Almost every summer, the amount of remaining ice gets smaller. That summer ice is vitally important to a whole range of animals from tiny shrimp to vast bowhead whales, to polar bears, and to local people. One stretch of ice is projected to remain when all other large areas of summer ice are gone. This is the Last Ice Area.

WWF is supporting research on this vital Arctic habitat so Arctic people and governments can ensure polar bears, and all the life linked to sea ice, can thrive long into the future.

The challenges
Because polar bears inhabit such remote and challenging habitat, collecting high quality data isn't cheap.

For example:
- cost of a radio collar to track polar bears: 3,750€.
- pollution sample analysis of one bear: 1,130€.
- use of a helicopter for one hour: 1,630€.

The WWF is able to meet these challenges and invent new ways to study polar bears, like the innovative collar camera, through the support of people like you.